Man pays courthouse with fake $50, arrest records say

Pat McMahon Contributor
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Yancy Terrell Cochran tried to bail a friend out of jail, but now he’s facing charges himself for his effort.

Cochran, 35, of Davenport, went to the Scott County Courthouse on April 21 to post bail for a friend, but he used a counterfeit $50 bill, according to arrest records and officials.

Scott County criminal court clerk Angelica Kent first spotted the fake bill. She said Cochran gave her $300 worth of $50 bills.

When she marked them using a special pen — as she does all $50 and $100 bills she receives — the mark on one of the $50 bills turned black, she said. The mark is supposed to turn golden yellow.

Kent immediately called the Scott County Sheriff’s Department, and Deputy Tara Dinneweth investigated the fake bill.

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