Lakers win in Boston, Derek Fisher is the Lakers’ driving force again

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Eleven years in 94 feet. A Lakers lifetime in less than 10 seconds. A career of shadows eclipsed in a streak of brilliance.

Old, slow Derek Fisher grabbed the basketball near the Boston Celtics baseline in the final minute Tuesday night and did what he has done countless times in countless moments for a team that has never considered him its star.

He quietly pushed. And pushed. And pushed. He dribbled past Rajon Rondo early, past Kevin Garnett at midcourt, legs pumping, head swiveling, fully expecting somebody would eventually stop him.

But as Fisher has long since taught us, if you push long and hard enough, nobody can stop you. And amazingly, on a floor covered in the sweat of legendary defense, in an arena filled with the cries of legendary desperation, nobody did.

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