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Chris Matthews starting to realize that the thrill up his leg was probably a stroke

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Keith Olbermann. Chris Matthews. Howard Fineman. Normally I wouldn’t recommend watching any one of these guys, let alone all three. But it’s kind of amazing to witness them realizing, in real time, that Obama’s critics have been right all along:

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Asking for specifics is racist. Noting incompetence is racist. Pointing out blatant lies is racist. Or at least it used to be.

Gotta love that punchline: “Be sure to watch the new MSNBC special, The Rise of the New Right.” Oh, you mean the people who sound like you did just now?

(Hat tip: Greg Pollowitz)

P.S. Whereas Paul Begala thinks Obama shot a three-pointer last night. Great, so now the score is only 116,000,000-3.

P.P.S. “I thought it was a great speech… if you’ve been on a another planet for the past 57 days.” Which brings up the question: What planet was Olby on for the hundreds of days before that?

P.P.P.S. And in related news:  Environmentalist groups linked to BP quiet in wake of Gulf oil spill.

Jim Treacher