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While I was working on that previous post, Keith Olbermann was continuing to be his delightful self on Twitter. This morning, he tweeted something that I think is indicative of how he sees the world. It’ll take some setting up to explain, so I’ll go through it step by step in case you don’t know how Twitter works because you’re a New York Times reader and/or Keith Olbermann.

Late Wednesday night, the following was posted to the official Twitter account of the rock band Okkervil River:

Note the timestamp: July 14 at 11:21 PM. This will come into play in a minute.

Apparently the Worst Person in the World in question was National Review‘s Dan Foster, because this morning he posted this “retweet” (which I believe is Latin for “to tweet again”):

I took that screencap at 1:40 PM, and it says “2 hours ago,” so let’s say he posted it around 11:30 in the morning.

Almost immediately, Keith re-retweeted this reply from Dan Foster. I can’t show you a screencap of the individual tweet because Keith blocked me this morning for some reason, but here’s what it looks like on his main Twitter page:

To which Foster replied, showing admirable restraint:

All of which is a long road to my point: What would inspire Keith to accuse a person he perceives as an enemy of doing something he thinks is wrong, to fire off a “gotcha” at a guy he doesn’t like while searching for his own name on Twitter, based on a misunderstanding of a basic fact that was only a mouse-click away?

Must be Keith Olbermann’s impeccable instincts as a journalist.

Incidentally, Foster earned his Worst Person in the World status for correcting Keith’s mistaken claim last week that Abraham Lincoln only lost one election in his life. Lincoln actually lost five of them. So: Keith can’t count to five and he can’t tell time. No word yet whether he knows his ABC’s.

Keith Olbermann: Worst! Tweeter! In the woooooooorld!