Ex-Washington Post blogger David Weigel joins Slate

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Journalist David Weigel, who resigned from the Washington Post last month after a leaked-email controversy, is joining Slate as a political reporter.

“I’m thrilled to be joining Slate, thrilled to be working with writers I’ve read and respected since logging on to read it meant enduring a symphony of dial-up clicks and hisses,” Weigel told The Upshot.

“This is the magazine that invented the sort of journalism I want to do,” he continued. “And I’m very pleased that I’ll get to continue working the beat I developed at the Post, the Independent and Reason.”

Slate Editor David Plotz told The Upshot that Weigel will launch a blog covering politics, but not exclusively on the conservative movement, Weigel’s area of expertise. Weigel is also expected to write long-form pieces.

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