‘Unschooling’ lets children dictate their learning

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NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 / TXA 21) ― Who needs textbooks and lesson plans? Some North Texans say children should decide what they learn, not teachers. That’s the basis of a controversial educational philosophy known as “unschooling”  . It’s a movement that’s gaining traction in North Texas and is as unorthodox as its name suggests.

Seven year old Elijah Parent and his 6-year old sister, Sadie, are bright, curious and eager to learn. But, their learning won’t take place in a classroom or come from a prepared curriculum. Instead, it’s all about what they want to learn. “That’s the most beautiful thing; you can teach a child how to seek out information that they want, so they can fill themselves with the knowledge they desire,” said the children’s mother, Sarah Parent.

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