‘Summerwind’ blows no good for Greene

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Florida Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene has had to spend a lot of time talking about how he made his money, who he used to hang around with, and his past “lifestyle.” The latest questions are about his boat – and specifically what used to happen on it.

The most recent round was prompted by an interview former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson gave to Sports Illustrated describing his lost “junkie” days, a three month period in the summer of 2005 that he spent in Europe, some of the time on Greene’s 145-foot yacht, Summerwind.

The tale by the now-sober Tyson – the best man at Greene’s 2007 wedding – is another glimpse into the colorful world of high-life travel and sometimes eyebrow-raising associations that were part of the pre-political, bachelor days of the candidate, a billionaire whose burgeoning fortune was boosted by betting that the subprime mortgage market would collapse.

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