Star Wars convention Orlando: Star Wars fans descend on Orlando

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The bride wore a T-shirt with Princess Leia confessing “I love you” on it.

The groom wore one too, only his had Han Solo’s reply: “I know.”

The Jedi officiating gave them a stern look.

Commitment is serious business, said Shawn Crosby, who had come all the way from Tatooine (Los Angeles in our galaxy). “Love is the true energy field that binds us together.”

This is commitment, “Star Wars” style. At conventions like Star Wars: Celebration V, which continues through Sunday at the Orange County Convention Center, generations share their love for the universe George Lucas created 33 years ago.

So if you’re committing yourself in front of “the entire extended family” of the “Star Wars” universe “no matter what species,” this is no time for giggles.

“We have been taught that we must do, or do not. There is no try.”

Kelly and Mike Avallone of Alabama “do.” Crosby smiled, pronounced them “committed” for all time “or at least, so long as this convention is open.” And the happy couple — 16 years married and “Star Wars” fanatics — kissed “for luck.”

But you could argue that every one of the thousands of “Star Wars” fans from around the world who gather every three years for these big celebrations are already committed.

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