Governor Chris Christie says New Jeresy was unfairly kept from winning Race to the Top’s 400 million dollars of grants

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A day after the Obama administration announced the 10 winners in the second round of the “Race To The Top” education competition, one state that was left out of the group has some pretty big issues with the decision.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie went on a tear today, saying that his state, which came in 11th in the competition was unfairly kept out of the top 10 slots. Christie brought the large, two-binder, 1,000-page application with him to a press conference today admitting that his state made a clerical error in its application. But that single error should not keep them from getting a piece of the nearly $400 million dollars of federal funding.

“”If you’re a normal thinking breathing human being you pick up the phone and you say hey, you sent this wrong piece of paper can we get the information?” asked Christie at a press conference today.

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