The coming investigation into Obamacare

Matt O'Connor Contributor
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I have written extensively about the corruption inside the Obama administration and the inevitability that the “grown-ups” will eventually get to the bottom of the Obama administration’s hijinks.  The hallmark of the administration’s political bribery and graft is, of course, the so-called Obamacare legislation — legislation that contains 2,841 pages, includes some 2,200 references to the new role of the Health and Human Services (HHS) czar, and creates 600 new authorities that CANNOT be challenged, 150 new bureaucracies and boards interposing between doctors and patients, and 17 new mandates governing insurance companies.

Also slapped onto Obamacare, as you will recall, is the unilateral takeover of the entire private student loan industry.  I guess that’s the “cherry on top” of Obamacare — a cherry that now essentially makes it illegal for the student loan industry to be run by the private sector. What a nice touch.

Every day, new discoveries are made about what lurks inside the Obamacare legislation, about how it will sap Americans of their decision-making power and place the government in between Americans and their health care providers.  Insurance companies will be faced with mandates on pricing and coverage and will be unable to square the two due to the fact that the mandates violate the very principle of insurance, which is to analyze risk through likely probabilities — and then to charge enough to be able to pay claims, fund reserves and cover administrative costs.  What administrative costs?  The costs associated with paying the salaries of the millions of hardworking middle class folks who happen to be employed by the health insurance industry.

At the end of the day, the Obamacare legislation was written to turn private medical insurance and the health care industry as a whole entirely on its head.  Many insurance companies will simply go out of business because they just won’t be able to compete under Obamacare.  Millions of jobs will be lost in the health insurance industry and in related industries.

The administration knows that Obamacare was passed through corrupt means, the American people know this and will see that their voice is heard in November and then heard when the “grown ups” with subpoena power start investigating the people behind the Obamacare disgrace.

Matt O’Connor is a freelance writer and founder of Clarion Advisory, LLC, a media production company, and serves as the executive editor of Clarion Advisory.com, a website featuring political commentary and the continuous aggregation of national and international news covering politics and business. Prior to forming Clarion Advisory, Matt worked as a broker and vice president within a Fortune 250 company on the West Coast.