The sun also rises

Matt O'Connor Contributor

For the past five days, my wife and I have been in Santa Barbara County, California, staying in an area close to Ronald Reagan’s former ranch, Rancho del Cielo, which roughly translates to Sky’s Ranch. While I did have my iPhone, spare cell phone and intrepid laptop among countless chargers and power cords, they remained idle.  Idle not by choice . . . but by rural circumstance.

The one time I made it to town, the Starbucks I intended to blog from — chalk this one up to Murphy’s law — had its doors wide open but was closed due to remodeling.  I think this is the first open and closed Starbuck’s around . . . I guess you could call it a Starbuck’s paradox.

So I haven’t had internet for the past five days.  And you know what?  Some five days later, Congressional Democrats remain bastards and Barack Obama remains resolute in promoting his fantastical show of “Private First (No) Class,” in which he plays the president.

Americans, in the midst of this shambles of an administration and Democrat-led House and Senate, have become firm in their resolve to fully atone for their past voting sins and misadventures.

It seems the electorate is connecting with the plot line of Hemmingway’s aptly titled novel, The Sun Also Rises . . .  a title of biblical reference intoning the reality that life will inevitably rebound from despair to steadied reason and hope.  In Hemmingway’s famous novel, the rebound centered around a vexed and impotent main character named Jake, who, despite life’s challenges, emerges from the drunkenness of carefree times to face reality, sober and head on.

The American people have awakened from the party of Hope and Change . . . after having swilled Hope and Change like a cheap wine.

Their drunkenness has worn off and reality has set in, for the party is over and the sober brain now sees the mess of things caused by the Obama administration and its congressional proxies.

America is now politically sober and thinking in terms of November 2, 2010 — a day The Sun Also Rises. On that day, America will start the redemption process in advance of redemption’s main event in November 2012.

Matt O’Connor is a freelance writer and founder of Clarion Advisory, LLC, a media production company, and serves as the executive editor of Clarion Advisory.com, a website featuring political commentary and the continuous aggregation of national and international news covering politics and business. Prior to forming Clarion Advisory, Matt worked as a broker and vice president within a Fortune 250 company on the West Coast.