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Ask S.E. Cupp

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In her latest column, she’s allowing people to ask her questions. (How tough can it be, if Labash can do it?) I find her honesty refreshing:

Once in a while, it’s nice to remind oneself that there’s a great big world out there, full of interesting people with interesting lives and interesting stories to tell. I don’t want to hear any of them, of course, because most of you are probably pretty annoying and I dislike almost everyone I meet, but occasionally it’s a good exercise to venture outside my comfort zone, and bring some of you into my world. Briefly. And without any touching or awkward pauses.

I don’t like people either, although I probably don’t get as many marriage proposals made from letters cut out of magazines as she does. (So far I haven’t received any, actually. Which hurts my feelings.)

You can ask her stuff on Twitter. I’ve been doing so telepathically. So far she hasn’t responded, but she’s probably just busy.

Jim Treacher