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Marc Maron (who is not gay) makes fun of Ken Mehlman (who is gay) for being gay

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Last month former GOP National Committee Chairman and Bush campaign supervisor Ken Mehlman came out of the closet. This was news to anyone who didn’t know Mehlman A) was gay or B) existed. I did not and do not care about either.

Guess who does? Marc Maron!

Whaddaya mean, who’s Marc Maron? From Air America. You know, Air America? No, not the movie. The national radio network.

No? Nothing? Okay, maybe this will refresh your memory:

That’s Maron with the nipple and the facial hair. I guess because he’s not gay or something? And next to him is Mehlman sleeping, which is so gay. Newsbusters has more:

Being the manager of George W. Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign? Totally homophobic. Using gay jokes to mock a Republican leader who just came out of the closet? Totally hilarious.

At least that’s the message liberal comedian and former Air America shock jock Marc Maron sent on Twitter, after he was unexpectedly seated next to former GOP National Committee Chairman and head of Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign Ken Mehlman on a flight…

“Should I Tea Bag Ken Mehlman as he sleeps?” cracked Maron on his Twitter page on Sept. 19, before posting photos of himself showing off his nipples while the Republican leader dozed in the next seat.

“Ken Mehlman looks so vulnerable sleeping,” the comedian mused a few minutes later. “I wonder if he dreams about being part of the c*** that f***** the country.”

Maron also made deft use of airline puns, tweeting that “They just served us nuts. I hope Ken Mehlman doesn’t eat mine.”

See, because Mehlman’s gay. Unlike Maron, who is not gay. You know he’s not gay, right? Not that it would be bad if he was gay, but he’s not gay. Whereas Mehlman is totally gay.

Congratulations to Marc Maron for being very funny! And not gay!

Jim Treacher