South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint: ‘I wanna go home’

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Despite signals from South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint that he might prolong the Senate session by blocking a stopgap resolution to keep the government running until December, DeMint said Wednesday he would not stop the bill from proceeding.

“I wanna go home,” DeMint said. “I hadn’t seen the adjournment resolution and if we can get a clean [Continuing Resolution], I think everyone can go home.”

DeMint said earlier this week that he would object to the quick passage of any bills that he had not reviewed. He added that amendments were made to the bill recently and he would need to look over them before making a final decision.

“I just heard there was about a page of things,” DeMint said. “I haven’t really gone over it with my staff.”

With the session coming down to the wire, senators were anxious about whether DeMint would try to block the bill and extend the session.

“People are starting to smell the fumes of airplanes out at the airport,” DeMint said with a grin.

When asked if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid expected to close the session Wednesday night, Reid said “we’re sure going to try…I am looking forward to going home.”