Could Zuckerberg sue ‘Social Network’?

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Each and every day, it becomes less likely that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will sue producers of “The Social Network.” If he wanted to file a splashy lawsuit, he probably would have already, and, as THR has already reported, he decided early on not to take an especially adversarial position on the movie.

Still, the New York Times reviews Zuckerberg’s legal options today anyway. The paper interviews several First Amendment experts who conclude — shocker! — that it would be difficult for Zuckerberg to pursue a libel action.

As a public figure, Zuckerberg would have a high hurdle in showing that filmmakers were reckless or had actual malice. Plus, the movie is based in part on court documents and is careful to present the story as a series of perspectives on what happened, rather than one narrative presented as fact. Producers also gave Zuckerberg and Facebook an opportunity to see the script and give some feedback.

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