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It’s too late for Rick Sanchez to save his job at CNN, but at least he can mend fences with the Jews. NY Post:

Former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez apologized to comedian Jon Stewart for calling him a “bigot” in radio interview last week, Sanchez’s wife revealed Monday.

“Rick apologized to jon stewart today,” Sanchez’s wife, Suzanne, wrote on her Facebook page Monday — adding that her husband’s tough work schedule caused him to “mangle his thought process” and make explosive remarks during the now infamous Thursday radio interview.

“They had a good talk. jon was gracious and called rick, ‘thin-skinned,'” she wrote.

“His exhaustion from working 14 hr days for 2 mo. straight, caused him to mangle his thought process inartfully. he got caught up in the banter and deeply apologizes to anyone who was offended by his unintended comments,” added the stay-at-home mom — who has four children with Sanchez.

Okay, so what, Rick Sanchez’s wife doesn’t know what “thin-skinned” means. Or maybe she doesn’t know what “gracious” means. Or maybe neither one. But at least, according to her, Rick has apologized. And now he’ll have plenty of time to catch up on his rest.

P.S. Rick Sanchez: Equal opportunity bigot charger.

P.P.S. Sanchez has released a statement. In part: “Despite what my tired and mangled words may have implied, they were never intended to suggest any sort of narrow-mindedness and should never have been made.”

Jim Treacher