Manchin grabs his gun to ‘take on Washington,’ shoot climate bill in new ad

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Democratic Senate candidate Joe Manchin isn’t letting that kerfuffle over Sarah Palin’s political crosshairs deter his 2nd-Amendment enthusiasm.

In a new ad, the West Virginia Governor touts his NRA endorsement, and promises to “take on Washington and the administration, and get the federal government off our backs” while brandishing a rifle on an outdoor gun range. He also promises to “repeal the bad parts of Obamacare” and “take dead aim at Cap and Trade” before putting a bullet through the title page of that bill.

The media and left-leaning pundits have been quick to criticize any similar imagery from Republicans and Tea Party candidates or supporters, suggesting it encourages violence against political opponents.

Who would have thought we’d have a more explicit gun ad than Dale Peterson’s this cycle?

Mary Katharine Ham