The DC Morning – 10/15/10

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1.) View’s Joy Behar more comfortable with crackpot theory that Bush blew up Twin Towers than fact that Muslims did — Has anyone not seen the video in which Joy Behar walks off the set of the View after FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly kindly explained to her that radical Islamists did, in fact, commit the atrocities of 9/11? Of course not! But what you may have missed is Behar’s next act, in which she sat down with former Minnesota governor and batshit crazy conspiracy theorist Jesse Ventura. Writes Hot Air’s AllahPundit: “Not only does Joy have a stronger stomach for Trutherism than for O’Reilly’s outrageously outrageous reminder that the hijackers were Muslim, she’s willing to prove it by sitting down with one of America’s most famous Truthers on the very day that she staged her walkout. And not only that, but Ventura actually reminds her here that he’s a Truther (of the “just asking questions” variety, to be sure) and she doesn’t bat an eye.” Classy!

2.) Sharron Angle stumbles all over Harry Reid’s lifeless body during first and only debate — Here are some facts about last night’s debate between Nevada’s Sharron Angle and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: Harry Reid carries a pocket constitution in his pocket, but he doesn’t read it; Sharron Angle sees a difference between the free market system and Americanism; Harry Reid knows a lot about colonoscopies and “snipping”; if elected senator, Sharron Angle would probably not try to single-handedly abolish the Department of Education, but boy does she think about it sometimes! What questions remain after watching Reid and Angle swing blindly at each other? Only this: How in God’s name did Harry Reid ever get elected to office in the first place?

3.) Get ready for TARP II — We interrupt your midterm binge reading to bring you an important announcement: We’re screwed. “The burgeoning foreclosure mess in the U.S. strikes at the nation’s economic heart,” writes Business Week’s Peter Coy, because “Americans took their title-recording system for granted, abused it during the housing boom, and let it deteriorate.” Imagine hundreds of thousands of homeowners in default, skating because their lenders can’t actually prove that they own the mortgages. Yes, that’s right: Those fry cooks will get to keep their Diddy mansions after all, and trillions in debt due somebody or something will simply cease to be! Peruvian economist and property rights advocate Hernando de Soto anticipates a long road ahead of these United States: “My feeling is this: Your recession is going to last. And it’s going to last, and it’s going to last, because essentially the trust has broken down.” It is time to diversify your portfolio, America. Perhaps pick up some Whiskas stock?

4.) Robert Gibbs: Terrible spin doctor — In a story published by the New York Times earlier this week, Pres. Obama said that his emergency stimubucks program failed to take one very important thing into account: “There’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects.” That left poor WH Press Secretary Robert Gibbs with such a headache! “Did every project start as quickly as you would have hoped? No. But 75,000 have,” Gibbs said, praying that no one asked him to make up any additional numbers. But as The Daily Caller’s Amanda Carey points out, Obama’s stimubucks confession is no small thing. “When the stimulus package was passed in early 2009, a lot of ballyhoo was made over ‘shovel-ready’ projects. Those (defined as projects that could start within 90 days) were, according to the Obama administration, the key to economic recovery and stimulus success. They also quickly became the administration’s number-one selling point in making the case for their economic policies.” And now Obama is saying that they do not exist! What other things are not real? Unicorns? Keith Olbermann’s hair?

5.) Farm subsidies will continue to vampirize economy even if Tea Partiers flood Congress — “Experts who follow agriculture say they don’t expect deep cuts in subsidies to farmers who grow crops such as corn and soybeans” even if Republicans take back Congress, reports the AP. “Rep. Collin Peterson, a Minnesota Democrat who chairs the House Agriculture Committee, said he doubts anyone on the panel would push to cut overall spending in the next Farm Bill.” But there is a glimmer of hope: “Likely to come under fire are ‘direct payments,’ a $5 billion a year subsidy that pays landowners a set per-acre amount regardless of what they’re currently growing or whether prices are high or low.” A $5 billion haircut ain’t nothing to fete, but every penny counts in times like these.

6.) Government to announce that we are still broke — Read it and weep (or buy gold, or Spam, or a radiation-proof bunker): “The Congressional Budget Office is projecting that the deficit for the 2010 budget year that ended Sept. 30 will total $1.29 trillion. That’s down by $125 billion from the $1.4 trillion in 2009–the highest deficit on record.” If only Harry Reid had known, he could’ve touted the fact that Obama cut spending this year!

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