Consumer Watchdog: Google’s privacy protections are ‘window dressing’

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Critics are calling for Congressional hearings into why the Federal Trade Commission yesterdaydropped its inquiry into the search giant’s global Wi-Fi eavesdropping campaign, even as lawsuits andgovernment probes pick up steam in the U.S. and abroad.

Leading the call for Congressional oversight is John M. Simpson, managing director of the non-profit advocacy group Consumer Watchdog. Simpson calls this two-page letter the FTC sent to Google on Wednesday “premature and wrong. ”

“Once again, Google, with its myriad of government connections, gets a free pass,” says Simpson. “At a minimum the public deserved a full report about Google’s abuses from the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. Instead, the company announced a few steps that are little more than window dressing and the FTC caves in with a woefully inadequate two-page letter.”

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