Indonesian minister tricked by Michelle Obama’s icky girl hands

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(Via Ricochet.com) Michelle Obama’s handshake is in the news again. Two years ago it was the “terrorist fist jab” faux controversy. Today it’s Tifatul Sembiring’s unfortunate photo op.

Tifatul Sembiring is described by media as a “conservative” (defined as what, I wonder) government official in Indonesia. He is the country’s Minister of Communication and head of the Prosperous Justice Party.

He has a goal of cleaning porn from the Internet (there’s porn on the Internet?) and a penchant for blaming natural disasters on a lack of morality, a la Jerry Falwell and Ted Turner.

He is also known for such Muslim piety that he vows never to touch a woman to whom he isn’t related (because, you know, women are SO un-pious!).

Today he was caught on tape grabbing a big ol’ fistful of Michelle Obama’s lovely hand.

Caught in this Islamic Fundamentalist faux pas, he did what any real man of honor would do: He blamed the girl. Nice job, Sir Galahad. He is claiming that he tried to avoid being touched, but the first lady imposed her will on him by holding her hand out too far.
I guess the camera pointing at him at the moment of the handshake is an evil, Western camera with the power to alter images as it records them, because it certainly looks to me like he willingly took Michelle Obama’s hand into his own. Watch the video at about 1:10 seconds in and keep your eye on the shorter man. Tell me what you think.

Indonesian Minister Tricked By Michelle Obama’s Icky Girl Hands – Ricochet.com