Liberal group attacks Obama as a hypocrite and a wimp

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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A liberal group launched an ad today attacking President Obama for compromising with the GOP on tax cuts for the rich when he vehemently campaigned against them.

The ad, created by Progressive Change Campaign Committee, shows video of Obama in Indiana in 2008 while campaigning against McCain. Speaking of the Bush tax cuts, Obama lambasted McCain for flip-flopping on the issue, saying McCain was promising tax cuts that “he once voted against because, he said, they offended his conscience.”

“Well, they may have stopped offending John McCain’s conscience somewhere along the road to the White House,” Obama continued, “but George Bush’s economic policies still offend my conscience, and they still offend yours.”

The ad, entitled “Obama’s Conscience,” will run in Indiana and Washington, D.C., and is calling for Congress to stand up against the tax cuts.

“As a candidate, Barack Obama took his message to red states like Indiana and won by promising that we would not have four more years of tax cuts for the wealthy,” wrote PCCC in a statement about the ad.

“If Obama’s deal passes, his presidency will represent four more years of those unconscionable tax cuts — a broken campaign promise born not out of necessity but out of a failure to fight.”