Pat Robertson shares his predictions for 2011

Will Rahn Senior Editor
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Continuing his decades-long tradition of New Year’s predictions, Christian Broadcasting Network founder Pat Robertson appeared on Monday’s broadcast of the “700 Club” to share what he says God told him about 2011.

“Sometimes I’ve have had things that have been so spot on that it’s almost frightening,” Robertson said to the Christian Broadcasting Network’s Terry Meeuwsen. “Other times, I put these tentatively, and see if this is what the Lord has.”

The former Republican presidential candidate says that God told him America “is in grave peril.”

“The leaders have hearkened to the demands of interest groups and have led your nation into bankruptcy,” Robertson said, relaying what he says God told him. “In two years will come a time of reckoning”

Robertson continued: “Your creditors will demand payment, and there will not be enough to satisfy their claim. Your currency will shrink in value; your bonds will lose value. People on fixed incomes will suffer. Unemployment will escalate, and there will be turmoil. I will protect my people, but warn them now about what is coming. Tell them to get out of doubt and restrict purchases.

“It will not be a time of happiness. Bitter recriminations, revolutions, increasing turmoil.”

Robertson added that God told him that “in the midst of this CBN will prosper, Regent (Robertson’s university) will prosper…the ACLJ (Robertson’s legal group) will be needed like never before.”

“God’s going to give us extraordinary miracles. It’s going to be another good year for CBN, but it’s going to be tough for the world. So, that’s the main message,” he said.

The next president, Robertson added, “will preside over an impoverished nation” in 2012. He also referred to the next president as “a man,” perhaps irking supporters of former Alaska governor and possible Republican presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

“Oh, there’s something else the Lord said,” Robertson noted at the end of his interview. According to the 79 year-old ex-Baptist minister, God is “not going to let men destroy the world with nuclear bombs.”

Robertson has previously predicted a devastating tsunami hitting the Pacific Northwest in 2006, a massive terrorist attack in 2007, and Christ’s return to earth “by the end of 1982.”

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