The match-up we’ve been waiting for: CNN panel features Ted Nugent and Roseanne Barr

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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This one was bound to end well.

On Wednesday night’s “special edition” of CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Roseanne Barr, Ted Nugent and Cornell Belcher discussed the day’s events.  Although it was relatively tame for the majority of the program, there was one eruption between Nugent, an outspoken libertarian, and Barr, a comedienne with a liberal streak.

(Transcript as follows)

NUGENT: Chicago people don’t look very helped to me. It looks like a tragedy. Did he help Cabrini Green? Is that one of his projects.

BELCHER: You go to keep trying to help people.

NUGENT: No, you need to try to help people by scolding them to help themselves. If you keep rewarding them for sleeping in then they’ll never get out of slavery. Why would you support slavery?

BARR: I’m scolding you because you’re blaming the people at the bottom who have nothing whatsoever..

NUGENT: I’m blaming people who refuse to be productive.

BARR: Why don’t you blame the people who have the blame?  Why aren’t you ever…

NUGENT: Why do you want to people who have jobs and produce things?

BARR: I want to blame the Koch brothers and the billionaires and all the people who robbed the taxpayers of this country, absolutely.

NUGENT: The government is the one who’s robbed the taxpayers this of country.

BARR: What would we do without government? Expect the rich people to take care of the poor? Are you crazy?

NUGENT: The rich people are the ones providing jobs.

BARR: No, they’re not. There are no jobs. There are no jobs and rich people…

NUGENT: Rich people who put all their lives on the line to get creative.

BARR: Rich people don’t pay squat and it’s proven.