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Global warming reveals shortage of snow plows in Atlanta

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Associated Press:

A winter storm that threatened to keep the South iced over until the end of the week was heading Tuesday for the storm-battered Northeast, leaving behind glassy and treacherous roads, snapped power lines and stranded travelers…

Atlanta, which has gotten 4 to 7 inches, has just eight snow plows. The city hired a fleet of 11 privately run trucks to help spread salt and gravel.

You can’t blame Atlanta for being unprepared for the effects of global warming. You never know what global warming is going to do next, but you can rest assured that no matter what happens — rain, snow, hot, cold, whatever — it’s the result of global warming. The biblical floods in Australia, where global warming was supposed to cause massive droughts? Global warming. Global cooling? Global warming. It’s all because of global warming.

Besides, Al Gore predicted this in his bestselling book, Yes, I Know What I Said Before, But Just Let Me Explain.

Jim Treacher