Which Green Day song is on Paul Ryan’s iPod?

Jon Ward Contributor
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Republican Paul Ryan had a busy 24 hours Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The Daily Caller found out he’s making it through the day with some American punk rock music in his down moments.

Tuesday night Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican and rising star in his party, chairman of the House Budget Committee, and all around numbers geek wonder boy, gave the biggest speech of his life so far. He gave the official Republican Party response to President Obama’s State of the Union address.

Wednesday morning, he was back at it early — at least by Capitol Hill standards. He chaired the Budget Committee to order at 9 a.m. for an orientation meeting and then promptly launched into the first hearing of this year a good 15 minutes ahead of the published 10 a.m. start time.

I caught Ryan as he walked off the House floor early on Wednesday afternoon, leaving what looked like a pleasant conversation with Rep. Anthony Weiner, a New York Democrat and burgeoning media darling on the left (Ryan turns 41 on Saturday; Weiner is 46).

After we talked about the budget hearing, and he talked some more about what he thinks is the reason that the government’s top actuary for Medicare thinks his alternative plan to Obama’s health overhaul will bring down the cost of care more effectively than the president’s, I asked Ryan about his iPod.

Ryan walks to the Capitol for votes, back and forth from his office in the Longworth Office Building, with white ear buds either in his ears or over his shoulders. He’s done this for as long as I’ve covered him.

When I asked him today, Ryan said he had his iPod Nano on shuffle, and the current song was Green Day’s “Brain Stew.”

“It’s a good song,” Ryan said affably.

Take a look at the lyrics: all kind of potential parallels to Ryan’s job in there. Start with substituting dollars for sheep and you’re on your way. And the music video is below the lyrics.

Green Day
“Brain Stew/Jaded”

I’m having trouble trying to sleep
I’m counting sheep but running out
As time ticks by
And still I try
No rest for crosstops in my mind
On my own … here we go
My eyes feel like they’re gonna bleed
Dried up and bulging out my skull
My mouth is dry
My face is numb
Fucked up and spun out in my room
On my own … here we go
My mind is set on overdrive
The clock is laughing in my face
A crooked spine
My sense dulled
Passed the point of delerium
On my own… here we go

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