Justin Bieber teaches David Letterman how to Twitter

Laura Donovan Contributor
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“Late Show” host David Letterman may be a more seasoned entertainer than pop sensation Justin Bieber, but he could learn a thing or two from the 16-year old.

In an episode of the “Late Show” that aired Tuesday, Bieber explained “the Twitter device” to Letterman.

“Do you use the Twitter device to update your activities?” Letterman said.

“Yeah I do. I was thinking, do you want me to Twitter you?” Bieber asked.

“Yeah, please,” Letterman said. “What do you mean, ‘Twitter me?'”

“Like, I’ll Twitter … @TheLateShow?” Bieber asked, seeming confused by which Twitter account name to tweet at. “Like [is your Twitter handle] @Late_Show?”

Bieber asked Letterman if it would be all right to tweet about his “Late Show” appearance.

“I’ll just say [on Twitter that I’m here on the show],” Bieber said. “Is that cool?”

“That’s fine, if people are watching, they know that you’re here,” Letterman said.

After Bieber typed something into his cell phone, Letterman asked if he’d just published a tweet.

“I just said [on Twitter], ‘I’m just hangin’ out with my boy Dave,'” Bieber said of his newly posted tweet.

Bieber tweeted Tuesday that he’ll make another appearance on the “Late Show” Friday. Bieber encouraged followers on Monday to follow David Letterman on Twitter.

[WATCH: Bieber explain Twitter to David Letterman at 3:08]