First lady Michelle Obama gears up to speak at schools

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Look out, Charlie Sheen. You may be in high demand to deliver George Washington University’s commencement address, but first lady Michelle Obama, who spoke at GWU’s graduation last year, is scheduled to address four different schools in 2011 alone.

According to Politico, the first lady will address a West Point banquet and speak to graduates at the University of Northern Iowa, Quantico Middle High School, and Spelman College.

“Mrs. Obama will begin her 2011 commencement addresses in Iowa, making her first visit as first lady to a state she came to know and love during the 2008 campaign,” the White House said.

Last year, the first lady also spoke at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff’s graduation ceremony.

“Many of you probably grew up like me in neighborhoods where few had the chance to go to college where being teased for wanting academic success was a fact of life, where well-meaning, but misguided folks questioned whether a girl with a background like mine could succeed at a school like Princeton,” she said, mentioning her alma mater. “But like me you knew you wanted something more…It was that internal drive that kept you focused, kept you out of trouble, and earned you admission to this University.”

In 2009, the first lady addressed D.C.’s Washington Science Mathematics Technology Public Charter School graduation.