National Republican Senatorial Committee launches ad FOR Obama

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The National Republican Senatorial Campaign has launched the first presidential advertisement of the season … for Barack Obama.

Not just any ad, mind you, but — in a fashion that would make Greg Gutfeld cheer — one in which the president is so awesome that not only he has solved all the nation’s problems, he also is able to fly over a rainbow on a unicorn.

Of course today is April 1.

The commercial, posted on YouTube, praises Obama for working so hard (while flashing images of him golfing and fishing), cutting the deficit (while showing the deficit numbers continue to rise), consulting with key figures (whiles showing him dancing with Paul McCartney) and tackling the great challenges of our generation (while Obama fills out his March Madness brackets).

The ad ends with Obama riding a unicorn over a rainbow as the narrator implores the audience for “four more years.”


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