#ifgovernmentshutsdown: Twitterverse takes on government shutdown

Catherine Toor Contributor
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Ahead of what looks like an impending shutdown, government employees, celebrities and regular Americans have taken to Twitter, creating the hashtag #ifgovernmentshutsdown. The social media network gathered tweets from people expressing their outrage, opinions and predictions.  Yet, as the website, omgfunnypictures.com pointed out, you can find humor in everything, as they’ve compiled their list of the funniest Tweets:

#ifgovernmentshutsdown you won’t just take it. You’ll stand up & make a difference. JK, you’ll probs tweet about dumb sh*t & watch netflix.

#IfGovernmentShutsDown Sarah Palin will run Barter Town!

#ifgovernmentshutsdown Glee will still be on and that will suck

#ifgovernmentshutsdown My Mom will be home…ALL THE TIME -__-

Whats gonna happen to the government cryogenic facilities? Terminator 4reals. #ifgovernmentshutsdown

#ifgovernmentshutsdown prostitutes EVERYWHERE

Additionally, comedian Dave Chappell tweeted: #ifgovernmentshutsdown the first place i’m looting is the medical marijuana store!! As more DC residents, curious teens and critics took to Twitter:

There will be so many interns wandering aimlessly around the District #ifgovernmentshutsdown

#IfGovernmentShutsDown r will 18+ be allowed to drink? Lol

#ifgovernmentshutsdown I get first dibbs on the boxes we’ll all be sleeping in

atleast #ifgovernmentshutsdown Bohner will be able to work on his tan. #gtl

All good points, the humorous tweet of one user sparked even further curiosity:

Will they be playing this one during happy hour in DC, or at least close? #ifgovernmentshutsdown

The song?

Despite the forecasts, critics and witty slants, by midnight tonight, we may see the popular, predictive hashtag,  #ifgovernmentshutsdown transform into a reality: #government shutdown.