Levin on Obama not funding military by executive order: ‘This is what Saul Alinsky Marxists do’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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With a government shutdown looming, one major concern has been whether armed service personnel will be paid.

There is legislation pending to make sure those serving in the military don’t fall through the cracks, but according to conservative radio show host Mark Levin, such legislation isn’t necessary. The president could ensure soldiers get their checks using his executive power — it’s been done in the past — but President Barack Obama won’t do it, Levin said on his Thursday program.

“Now listen to me folks, with a simple signature the president can ensure our military personal, who are already at enormous risk, both personal and financial, and sacrifice so much, and so do their families, will be protected financially – with a signature,” Levin said. “And he won’t do it. Reagan did it. Clinton did it. But Obama won’t do it. Now why do you think that is?”

Levin insisted such inaction was indicative of Obama’s attitude toward the military, and suggested the president was using military families as political pawns.

“Because he wants military families, many of whom have loved ones serving in combat on the battlefield overseas upset – he wants them upset so they will call members of Congress demanding trillions of dollars in red ink,” Levin continued. “This is what Saul Alinsky Marxists do. I do not believe that this president has sufficient respect for the American Armed Forces. I never have believed it, just like I don’t believe he has sufficient respect for law enforcement, but this damn well proves it.”

Currently Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert and Georgia Republican Rep. Jack Kingston in the House of Representatives, along with Texas Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison in the Senate, have introduced legislation to ensure that members of the military receive pay on schedule.

“Congress should not even have to put a rider on this continuing resolution to make sure the United States Armed Forces are funded until the end of this fiscal year,” he said. “They shouldn’t even have to do it. How does this man look himself in the mirror? He sends our armed forces all over the world. There they are, off the shore of Tripoli, firing missiles under NATO command into Libya and he won’t make sure that they’re paid? What kind of commander-in-chief is that? Moreover, what kind of president is that?”