Rush: Obama ‘would rather fund more abortions than pay the U.S. military their salaries’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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After the 2010 midterm election, many in the pundit class were predicting a “triangulation” or shift to the center by President Barack Obama so they he could set himself up for a 2012 reelection bid. And though he’s been described as a “mean, vindictive, little guy” and “cold” in the past and now, that triangulation might be dead, which gives us some more insight into Obama’s character according to conservative talker Rush Limbaugh.

On his Thursday show, Limbaugh said Obama’s speech at George Washington University was a peek into who the president  really is.

“Yesterday in case you’re still curious as to who Barack Obama is, you got the real guy,” Limbaugh said. “That was Barack Obama yesterday. That was Barack Obama unplugged. That was Barack Obama unrestrained, unchained – whatever.”

Limbaugh went through a list of Obama’s priorities which he suggested were misplaced.

“Barack Obama would rather give hundreds of millions of dollars to community activists than to reform Medicare,” he said. “Barack Obama would rather give hundreds of millions of dollars to government unions and ACORN and the like rather than reform Medicaid.”


Another one of those priorities Limbaugh listed as an example in his rant about the president was the administration’s dedication to green energy.

“So no, we’re going to give money to ACORN, we’re not going to fix Medicare,” he said. “We’re going to give money to government unions – our money laundering operation rather than fix Medicaid. Obama would rather give hundreds of millions of dollars to environmentalist whackos and invest in what he knows to be a totally fraudulent enterprise, that being green energy as a suitable capable replacement for current energy sources. Folks it’s insane. There is no replacement for oil right now. There is no replacement for coal. There’s no replacement for how we generate our energy, zilch. You can dream. You can hope. You can pretend we’re on the way to utopia. We’re not and it doesn’t exist.”

However, Limbaugh condemned the president for his other priorities, especially as he prioritized funding Planned Parenthood above military funding.

“It doesn’t stop him,” Limbaugh said. “He’ll give hundreds of millions of dollars to that effort rather than grow the private sector which is where the standard of living is increased, which is where economic opportunity and prosperity reside. No, we’re not going to strengthen that. Obama would rather increase the number of bureaucrats than promote private sector job growth. He would rather fund more abortions than pay the U.S. military their salaries. Why in the world — I will never understand this, where we afraid of that debate last week when it came to the potential shutdown over this continuing resolution, which now we’re told … the CBO, to the extent we trust them, has done a final analysis on how much money was actually cut – not $30 [billion], not $20 billion — $352 million. All of this was over $352 million.”