Dan Adler’s ad advocating Korean-Jewish affinity sparks odd Washington Twitter reaction

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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California Democratic congressional candidate Dan Adler’s unconventional ad aimed at appealing to Jews and Koreans caught Huffington Post reporter Amanda Terkel’s attention, and she’s taken to Twitter to express her comical support for Adler’s cause.

“The only reason I’m both Korean and Jewish is because I know that minorities need to stick together,” Terkel tweeted on Thursday evening. “Considering becoming Hispanic too.”

On Friday morning, Terkel’s #ff, or “Follow Friday” recommendations, were @HuffPostHill, her employer, and Adler. Her Twitter feed over the past 18 hours or so is filled with praise for and jokes about Adler’s campaign.

Michelle Milee Chang of nonprofit organization Ambassadors for Sustained Health, though, isn’t as thrilled with Adler’s ethnicity-based ad campaign. “Didn’t anybody tell Dan Adler that this campaign ad wasn’t a good idea?” Chang tweeted on Friday morning. “’I’m Korean!’”

WATCH: Adler’s Korean and Jewish affinity campaign pitch:

While tweeting out his blog post on the ad, Slate’s Dave Weigel wrote: “I’M KOREAN.”

Adler has several video ads out. One ad, showing several kids playing basketball in their driveway including Adler’s son, make a case for Adler’s candidacy because he “gets shit done.” In the other ad, while pointing out he’s Jewish and his wife is Korean, Adler argues the two minority communities need to “stick together.”

In another ad, “Rudy” actor Sean Astin gives Adler some inspirational campaigning advice. Mother Jones reporter Timothy Murphy joked about it, ripping Astin and Adler in a Friday morning tweet. “I really hope they filmed this as part of one of those ‘Spend an hour with Sean Astin for $150’ deals,'” Murphy said.

In response to Astin’s appearance in Adler’s newest ad, Raw Story’s executive editor Megan Carpentier tweeted, “SEAN ASTIN MADE A POLITICAL AD???”

WATCH: Sean Astin’s appearance in Adler’s newest political ad: