Jennifer Granholm: Women in power just aren’t as attractive to men

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With various politicians in the news for their scandalous affairs, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Edwards, former Democratic Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm explained on MSNBC Wednesday morning why females in power are less likely to commit similar indiscretions.

According to Granholm, women do not have as many underlings drooling over them as men do.

“For women in power there just aren’t the opportunities,” she said, asserting that her comment was just a generalization.

“We aren’t getting interns coming up to us, putting their phone numbers in their pockets, where as men in power get a lot more of that than women do.”


She added that powerful women also might not be as alluring to men as powerful men are to women. Further, she said, female instincts likely place more on protecting their family than allowing their eyes to wander.

“Women in power just maybe aren’t as attractive to men, but I can tell you that the opportunities aren’t there and perhaps a lot of the instincts aren’t there,” she said. “And I would say this too, one of the reasons women don’t run for office I think has to do with protecting their families, and I think women are very protective of their children and don’t want them to be exposed. I think that is one of the reasons women in power also are less inclined to commit those kind of affairs etc. because they want to protect what they know will be public exposure to their family. They think more about that than perhaps some men in power. “

Granholm added that MSNBC should think about doing an entire special on the phenomena of men in power versus women in power. She ended the segment by encouraging more women to get into politics, but added that they should to be sure to marry well.

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