Who is Ann Coulter’s favorite MSNBC host?

Alexa Williams Contributor
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Move over Keith Olbermann, you may have been replaced as Ann Coulter’s favorite MSNBC host. Rachel Maddow currently holds this title.

As a part of the writing process Coulter makes a conscious effort not to read other conservative’s opinions so as not to influence her work, she said.  As a result, she regularly hears the opinion from the other side, including those on MSNBC, a left-leaning television news station.

When The Daily Caller asked Coulter who her favorite MSNBC host was she explained the problem with Olbermann.  “Well obviously [my favorite] was Keith.  But sadly, he is gone.  Even MSNBC couldn’t take the tantrums, from what I hear.  It’s one thing when you have all the crazy liberals watching MSNBC getting the ratings up, [but] to be playing prima donna when your ratings suck – okay, that’s enough Keith.

“So I guess, it’d hard to say – probably Rachel. She’s heavily in this book,” Coulter said of “Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America,” “She is the creator of myth central.”  In “Demonic,” seven myths that were created and promoted by Maddow are discussed, Coulter said.

In 2009, when a Federal Census worker was found dead in rural Kentucky, it was suggested that he was murdered by right-wingers. “Rachel Maddow owned that story,” Coulter said.  “If you don’t remember it then you are not regular watchers of Rachel Maddow, because she covered it every night, led her program with it for weeks about ‘right-wingers killed the census worker.’ And then … suddenly that story just dropped,” after federal investigators determined the death was a suicide.

As Coulter was finalizing the book, a Maddow ad featured her saying, “’we begin tonight with a story that no one else is reporting.’ But yeah, now we know why no one else is reporting it,” Coulter said.

Other liberals featured in “Demonic” include Jon Stewart, Ron Williams, Dennis Miller, Lady Gaga and media organizations including Vanity Fair and The New York Times.