Hillary Clinton comic book released today

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Invisible Woman … Hillary Clinton?

The Secretary of State joins the ranks of precisely drawn cartoon females today with the release of her own comic book. It will focus on the path the first lady took to arrive at her position of the real-life Justice league.

Fortunately, Clinton won’t be in skin-tight spandex fighting off the likes of Kim Jong-Evil or Kenneth Star-Killer. “Political Power: Hillary Clinton,” by comic publisher Bluewater, is simply a graphic biography, although Publisher Darren G. Davis said it is as serious and contemplative as an adult-oriented graphic novel.

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“Our goal is to show the behind-the scenes machinations – many of them ignored by the mainstream media – that resulted in Hillary Clinton becoming the current Secretary of State,” said Davis.

Clinton isn’t the first politician to get the ink-drawn treatment. Both New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and President Barack Obama have been featured in issues of Spiderman, not to mention Obama’s solo comic adventure that was particularly comical in its biographical treatment. There’s also The Governator comic series from Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was recently brought down by his archenemy, Paternity Tester.

The writer of the Clinton comic, however, insists the Clinton bio-comic is a fair, realistic read — like the book “Game Changer” except with colors, and of interest to people actually outside the Beltway.

“I am writing Hillary Clinton from a perspective of someone who did not admire her at first and throughout the process of research has come to admire and be utterly fascinated by what is a tale that most have not reported on,” Jerome Maida said in a statement. “We delve into how her decision not to run in 2004 helped make Barack Obama a star, how she took him under her wing and how their battle was more personal than many realize – and how close she came to saying no to the position of Secretary of State and what changed her mind. It’s a fascinating story.”

The State Department was unaware of the release, according to the AP.

Turning real-life people whom one may normally have difficulty imagining as comic book stars seems to be a particular talent of Maida’s. The writer has a disturbingly comedic biography of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg, Al Frankin, and one featuring Donald Trump — the cover of which features the media mogul taking the Oath of Office in front of the White House.

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