Foreskin Man’s antisemitism may only be skin deep

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Slammed by the Anti-Defamation League as “disrespectful and deeply offensive,” a recently-published comic book starring a blonde-haired hero saving children from the clawed clutches of satanic-looking rabbis may be getting more attention than its creator intended.

Foreskin Man, by Matthew Hess, is meant to be a positive publicity stunt for those San Francisco residents pushing an anti-circumcision bill through the city council.

The whole campaign was looked on as a joke, until advocates were able to get the required signatures needed to put it on the fall ballot. Now the topic has taken decidedly more serious turn. In the second issue of the comic, “Monster Mohels,” Foreskin Man — who’s dressed like Superman if Clark Kent had graduated from Michigan — fights off a gang of Orthodox Jewish rabbis attempting to circumcise a child.

(Hillary Clinton joins the ranks of precisely drawn cartoon females)

“Nothing excites Monster Mohel more than cutting into the penile flesh of an eight-day-old infant boy. And after the glorified brit milah is complete, the delicious metzitzah b’peh provides the icing on the cake, aid,” reads Hess’ preview of the comic.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the ADL has strongly objected against the comic’s “grotesque anti-Semitic imagery and themes.”

For his part, Hess — one of the leaders of the anti-circumcision movement and president of the Male Genital Mutilation Bill — told the San Francisco Chronicle that he and the people pushing the bill “we’re not trying to be anti-Semitic. We’re trying to be pro-human rights.”

As the story has picked up steam, Hess has declined most interviews, instead directing reporters to his group’s Twitter page, where he continues to defend the movement’s efforts.

“Foreskin Man is neither anti-Semitic nor anti-physician. But those who cut innocent children will be drawn like the villains that they are,” tweeted Hess on Monday.

In the comic, the evil, pupil-less rabbis with sharp teeth and sharper fingernails are seconds away from snipping off a cute little blonde child’s foreskin. Just as the rabbi intones a sacrificial prayer, Foreskin Man thinks “That’s it monster, keep babbling” before violently overtaking the Monster Mohels. Then Foreskin Man flies off with the child. He gives the kidnapped child to what appears to be either a group of California gypsies or Summer of Love refugees living on the beach. In the comic’s final panels, the group has a bonfire, fueled by a pile of “stolen circumstraints.”

“I can’t believe my life’s work has come to this,” sighed one Jewish affairs advocate when contacted by The Daily Caller. The advocate, who wasn’t speaking in an official capacity, seemed to be more taken aback by the sheer stupidity of the comic, rather than its overt anti-Semitic tone.

“We have not uncovered any kind of bigotry in their background or anything like that,” said the advocate. “That said, it seems that they are so fanatical in the belief of their cause that they are just either willfully blind or willfully ignorant to the fact that they have stooped to trafficking in these really hateful tropes.”

For his part, Hess said issue #3 will “deal with a different kind of circumcision.”

Whatever that may mean, Hess’ comic is certainly giving schmucks plenty of press.

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