Romney releases ‘bumpy road’ video ad hitting Obama

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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If anyone was wondering where exactly Republican presidential candidates would hit Obama in the first stretch of the 2012 race, Mitt Romney has put that question to rest in a new video. Or rather, he’s run it over with his car.

Romney’s new video, “Bump in the Road,” takes an unnerving and morbidly creepy shot at Obama’s insistence that the continuously bad unemployment numbers are just part of the difficult path to a better future.

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The video begins with a group of people lying in a row, bellies up in the desert — giving them the appearance of massacre victims recently discovered by police. As each one slowly rises up, zombie-like, they face the camera tell Obama that they are not a “bump in the road.”

The gruesomely literal interpretation of Obama’s rhetoric is a bit jarring but Romney’s attacks hit at the biggest hole in the president’s 2012 efforts. With nearly 9 percent unemployment, pundits and strategists on both sides of the partisan debate have acknowledged how important the issue will be in the coming months.

Republicans are taking full advantage of the unimproved figures as even Democratic veterans like James Carville acknowledge that it will be “very, very rough” for Obama if the numbers don’t turn around soon.

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