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I’m talking about Michaele Salahi, which means she wins

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The White House party crasher, who you may remember from the time she crashed a party at the White House, is taking a break from talking about crashing a party at the White House to do something that’s totally different than reminding you that she once attended a party at the White House to which she was not invited. Instead, she’s going to approximate an art form for which she has no talent!

“Real Housewives of D.C.” reality star Michaele Salahi will debut the live performance of her new single, “BUMP IT!” in Miami on Friday.

According to a press release, Salahi selected Florida because of her fond memories growing up in the sunshine state.

Salahi, who released her pop song last month, also plans to discuss the buzz surrounding her latest television appearances and future endeavors.

“The Salahis will also be interviewed and address the latest entertainment rumors including facts surrounding their latest television performances and other projects in development,” the Salahis’ publicist wrote in a press release.

You can hear a 30-second clip of the smash hit single here. Should be more than enough. But hey, Salahi is best known — make that only known — for being in places she’s not supposed to be. Why not a music stage?

I will also be giving an interview Friday to discuss the buzz surrounding me. Why can’t I get rid of these bees? They follow me everywhere. Can’t you see the bees? Why does everyone lie and tell me they can’t see the bees? THE BEES!!!