Team Huntsman to Pawlenty: Do you think my foreign policy experience in Obama admin is ‘enhancing’?

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman’s campaign hit former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty with a tough question Thursday: Does Pawlenty think Huntsman’s experience as President Obama’s ambassador to China is a good thing?

The question comes after Pawlenty told conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt he thinks Gen. David Petraeus’ new role as Obama’s CIA director would be “enhancing” to his resume. Pawlenty’s comments were in the context of a discussion about whether he’d pick Petraeus as his running mate if he got the GOP nomination.

After The Daily Caller wrote about Pawlenty’s comments, Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller tweeted a link to the story, adding: “.@TimPawlenty thinks that serving in a foreign policy position for President Obama ‘would be enhancing’ to a resume.”

When TheDC inquired about the tweet, the campaign responded that it agreed with Pawlenty regarding working in the Obama Administration and wondered if the former Minnesota Governor’s campaign feels “the same about Huntsman?”

Pawlenty’s campaign didn’t immediately respond to TheDC’s requests for comment.