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Nike to dog-killer Michael Vick: Just Do It

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A while back, my boss got in trouble for saying that what Michael Vick did to those dogs was bad. Fortunately for Vick, Nike is more forgiving. AP:

Nike re-signed Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick to an endorsement deal Friday, nearly four years after dropping him amid his legal troubles.

Nike, which signed Vick as a rookie in 2001, terminated his contract in August 2007 after he filed a plea agreement admitting his involvement in a dogfighting ring. Vick spent 21 months in prison.

CNBC first reported the deal. Terms were not released.

”Michael acknowledges his past mistakes,” Nike said in a statement. ”We do not condone those actions, but we support the positive changes he has made to better himself off the field.”

Of course Nike condones Michael Vick’s past mistakes. They cast him aside when they thought he would cost them money, and now they’re welcoming him back when they think he can make them money. They should just be honest about it. They condone what he did, now that it won’t hurt their bottom line.

Nike: Just Dog$#!+.

(Hat tip: Hot Air)

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