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Democratic mayor to Reason’s Nick Gillespie: ‘Wanna take it outside?’

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Here’s another example of the New Civility, from last night’s Real Bigotry with Bill Maher. The large fellow with the shaved head is John Fetterman, mayor of Braddock, PA:

As Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters notes:

Those that missed this program are likely thinking this exchange was caused by Gillespie’s joke.

Not so. The popular Libertarian was wiping the floor with Fetterman, guest Donna Brazile, as well as host Bill Maher concerning raising the debt ceiling.

At every turn during this panel segment, Gillespie showed himself to be the only person in the room that was knowledgable on the subject, while his three opponents responded with vapid Democrat talking points lacking any substance or proximity to the truth.

This appeared to be making Fetterman a bit hot under the collar, and Gillespie joshing about him being the mayor of the poorest town in Pennsylvania was obviously the last straw.

Fetterman was just making a joke, though, because he isn’t a Republican and therefore it couldn’t be a threat of violence.

In other Bill Maher news, he has vowed to keep being a sexist creep. How could he not? It’s his stock-in-trade.