Fox News correspondent embraces yoga

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Yoga isn’t just for suburban housewives, Californians, or fit twenty-somethings. Fox News national correspondent Catherine Herridge admits to using the trendy practice as a way to calm down.

Herridge, whose new book “The Next Wave: On the Hunt for Al Qaeda’s American Recruits” details the threats from Al Qaeda, recently told liberal publication Politico that she turned to Bikram Yoga when the terrifying nature of her reporting became too stressful.

“The kind of reporting I do is pretty serious reporting … In the last year, I wrote a book and I had six months to write it and, so, I wrote it every night for like an hour, which took a lot of discipline but what it did — you can imagine being on the computer all day and then on your phone and then at night typing away,” Herridge told the suburban Virginia based publication.

A long-time devotee of Bikram yoga, Herridge said the steamy 90-minute classes, which take place in 100-degree rooms, helped feed her tranquility and diminished her health and body issues.

“I started having real problems with my upper back, so I really started coming [to yoga class] more because I felt it really loosened me up and it was a good discipline to kind of let go and everything because you can’t check your BlackBerry constantly when you’re in here,” Herridge said.

The Homeland Security reporter said D.C. residents could gain something positive from attending a yoga session. (Lululemon employee suspected of killing colleague>)

“I think it would just relax people a little bit more,” Herridge said. “It’s the great equalizer: You come here, and you’re real stripped down, you’re sweating.”

Laura Donovan