Petition launched asking Mel Gibson to make film that would ‘expose’ Islam

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Will the director of “The Passion of the Christ” make a follow-up titled “The Exposé of The Prophet Muhammad”?

That’s certainly what the creators and undersigners of an online petition hope.

More than 600 people have signed “Expose Islam on Film,” which cordially requests Mel Gibson to “create a movie documenting the true nature of Islam and give it global distribution.” (MORE IN ENTERTAINMENT: Oh no! Sexy ScarJo turns down USMC suitor, sends booze)

“By resisting extreme and voluminous criticism and persevering in the production & distribution of ‘The Passion of the Christ,'” the petition reads, “Mel Gibson has demonstrated that he has the courage, determination and financial resources required to undertake this project.”

Gibson is no stranger to graphic imagery. His directorial efforts include battle scenes in “Braveheart” and the realistically bloody Scourging at the Pillar in “The Passion.” That artistic experience would come in handy for an envisioned Islam production, since the signers of the petition want the movie to be as R-rated as possible:

A full length feature film depicting Muhammad receiving and reciting suras, ordering the murders of poets who criticized him, sending out raids on innocent camel caravans and peaceful settlements, raping captive women, selling children into slavery, committing genocide and dictating extortion letters to kings and emperors will be a powerful weapon in the war of ideas

Is the petition genuine? Many of the petition’s comments would certainly seem so, even if some of the signatures seem a little off (“teto,” “MeL7-ELARD”?). Not even the Qur’an can divine whether or not the project has a chance in Gibson’s capable hands.

Still, the megastar actor does need a bit of a boost. His troubles began a few years ago after an anti-Semitic rant and continued with a racist and violent one in 2010. He was kicked out of “The Hangover 2” after crew members complained, and his latest turn in the Jodi Foster-directed “The Beaver” was a box office failure.

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