Limbaugh rewards Obama ‘tea party heckler’ with new Apple gear

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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A self-proclaimed tea party activist confronted President Obama at a town hall meeting Monday, and the media immediately scrambled to find out who he is. But Ryan Rhodes, who lambasted Obama in Decorah, Iowa over allegations that Vice President Joe Biden has called activists “terrorists,” isn’t hiding from the limelight. On Tuesday, Rhodes appeared on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program.

Rhodes explained some the details of the confrontation and what inspired him to act as he did, and Limbaugh asked Rhodes about what sort of personal computer he used. When he told Limbaugh he had an “old” Acer computer, the talk radio host offered him an iPad and a MacBook, even after Rhodes revealed that he already had an iPad.

“I’m going to send you another one,” Limbaugh said. “I’m going to send you one of only 25 EIB–Rush Limbaugh signature iPads, and I’m also going to send you a 13-inch MacBook Air.”

Rhodes wanted to assure listeners that he wasn’t a “plant” sent to disrupt Obama’s Midwest bus tour.

“I also want to mention I’m one of the uninsured — that I believe I’ve decided to take care of myself, you know?” Rhodes said.

“When some of those things happen, you don’t look to the government because that’s when you stop looking to your own individual self and looking to God. And so I just want say that a lot of these thing they may paint as, you know, ‘a billionaire funded this.’ That’s not — I went there, I requested tickets the tickets on my own. I want to make sure that people know that this was my question. It wasn’t given to me by somebody else.”