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Blue-on-blue violence (verbally speaking, of course)

HuffPo brings delightful news:

The Obama campaign’s point person in New Mexico recently sent an email to supporters defending the president’s position on the debt deal and bashing the Nobel Prize winning New York Times columnist Paul Krugman and the “Firebagger Lefty blogosphere.”

Maureen Dowd’s despair is delicious:

Driving through Midwest cornfields in his opaque, black, custom-made, $1.1 million “Matrix” bus, our opaque president found himself in The Field of Dashed Dreams. If you don’t build it, they may not come.

(Like that one movie, remember?) Those are just a couple of examples. Everywhere you look, Obama supporters are realizing what they rest of us have been telling them for years: they are idiots.

Don Surber sums up what’s going on in their adorable little heads:

Liberals look at Barack Obama’s incompetence caused by his inexperience and hubris and get angry — at those who pointed out three summers ago that he was too inexperienced and vain to make a very good president.

To the elitists, the problem is not that our president is in over his head — the problem is that ordinary people — commoners — have pointed this out. To get back, the elitists have resorted to ad hominem attacks on conservatives, followed by admonishing conservatives when they fire back.

It is the Georgie Porgie school of debate.

Of course, he’s just saying that about The Adults In The Room because he’s a big dumb fartface.