Krauthammer on Obama’s ‘Hope & Change’: ‘Where the hell has he been the last two-and-a-half years?’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Almost every Friday, Washington Post columnist and Fox News Channel regular Charles Krauthammer takes on a different role. Krauthammer tapes a program where he is the lone conservative on a panel. The show: The weekend broadcast of the nationally syndicated “Inside Washington.”

During this weekend’s edition, an unyielding Krauthammer went after President Obama for his failure to “change how Washington works” with a new jobs agenda.

“[H]e came in on ‘hope and change’ and he said he would change the way Washington works,” Krauthammer said. “And we just heard him in the sound bite you opened the show with running against Washington. Where the hell has he been the last two and a half years? He is Washington, he is the president. He pretends that somehow he hovers above all of this and it is Washington that is holding America back. In fact what he did is he spent $1 trillion on the stimulus that did not succeed.”

Krauthammer also identified some of what government could do to improve the economy, particularly in the regulatory arena.

“We are now back at square one hovering on the edge of a second recession,” Krauthammer continued. “And what he is I suppose he will propose is second mini-stimulus. Government doesn’t create jobs, but it kills them. And part of the problem we have is the blanket of regulation he has thrown on America especially in energy. America is the Saudi Arabia of gas and coal and his EPA and his moratorium on drilling elsewhere has killed an industry that has the potential, a) to hire a lot of people, and b) reduce our dependence on outside sources of energy.”