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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Where we’ve been, where we’re headed

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It’s been a whirlwind four months, and this series of talks with influential leaders is just getting started.

Back in April, freshman Rep. Chip Cravaack sat down with me for the first interview in this series, and we talked about what his constituents expected from a first-term tea partier in the House of Representatives. He shared his thoughts about the U.S. fiscal crisis, the runaway size of government, and even the Obama administration’s activities in Libya.

Since then I’ve had the privilege of talking on-camera with 18 exceptional Americans, and each of them had something unique to say. My weekly visits with these leaders will resume next week, and you’ll find them as riveting as ever.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the first four months of talking with American leaders. Make sure you come back next week and every week for more dynamic interviews like these.

Ann Coulter talks about villains and heroes in the American media:

“I suppose I should say the entire line-up on MSNBC, but they give me such belly laughs I can’t really put them in the villain category.”


Mark Levin addresses the Obama administration:

“[Obama] doesn’t respect the history of this nation — which means he doesn’t respect our forefathers and our ancestors who built the freest, most tolerant, most plentiful society on the face of the earth. Now why the hell would you want to destroy that? But he does.”


Daniel Hannan pulls no punches about the tea party movement:

“I think it’s fantastic to see a genuinely spontaneous anti-government movement. What a refreshing change!”


Rep. Allen West shares his experience with liberals in Washington:

“There really is no civility out there unless you agree with liberal progressives.”


Sen. Marco Rubio gives Barack Obama a failing grade:

“I’m going to give him an F, and I’m not going to do it with any joy in my heart. Ultimately, I love my country more than I love the Republican Party. And I want the president to succeed because I want America to succeed. But he’s not succeeding, and this is not personal.”


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