Snooki: ‘God likes my tits! God made my tits!’

Laura Donovan Contributor
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“Jersey Shore” star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has a message for priests who don’t wish to see her chest: I’m just flaunting what the Almighty gave me.

In a preview from Thursday’s episode of “Jersey Shore,” an Italian priest takes offense when the pint-sized celebrity strolls by an Italian church in a tiny skirt and low-cut tank top, which reveals her voluptuous breasts.

The 23-year-old tells the man of God, whom she calls the “fucking priest,” to “shut up” after he asks her to “cover [her] body” in front of the church.

“The priest was like, ‘Cover up when you come to my church,'” Snooki said. “Or, he basically just called me a whore.”

Apparently, the “Shore Thing” author’s chosen house of worship has a much more lenient dress code.

“In my church they’d be like, ‘Oh, nice outfit!'” the Oompa Loompa said. “God likes my tits! God made my tits.”

This summer “Jersey Shore” was filmed in Florence to acknowledge the cast’s Italian heritage. Though Snooki undoubtedly enjoyed the country’s heavenly food, she said last month that Italy could benefit from change.

“They need to get stronger tanning beds and have a gym on every block,” she told The Huffington Post in August. “And they need more nail salons with Chinese people running them.”

Watch: Snooki rant about priest

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