George Will: Cain’s Florida straw poll win ’caused liberals head’s to explode’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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When delegates at the Florida straw poll overwhelmingly supported former Godfather’s CEO Herman Cain last week, it damaged the ad hominem argument that the tea party movement is motivated by racism disguised as a push for smaller government.

However that didn’t stop a few others from throwing racism accusations at Herman Cain, an African-American, shortly thereafter. In an appearance on Friday’s “The Laura Ingraham Show,” Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post columnist George Will called the straw poll win for Cain a setback for liberals, but only a temporary one.

“The Florida straw poll, which was a tea party event essentially, caused liberals head’s to explode because here is the racist tea party voting for a black man,” Will said. “And their whole narrative was temporarily discombobulated — but, only temporarily.”

He added that the use of the race card, especially in this situation, is starting to lose its effectiveness.

“Their default position is to shout racism,” he continued. “It’s so deeply boring now that no one pays any attention.”


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