Krauthammer: Obama ‘incredibly dull, almost disinterested’ in jobs presser

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Has President Barack Obama lost his mojo?

Once thought of as a talented speaker, Obama doesn’t seem to have it anymore, or at least not at Thursday’s press conference, says Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer.

On Thursday night’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel, Krauthammer said he observed a lack of excitement from Obama.

“It was very odd,” Krauthammer said. “Because on one hand, you get the sense that he was droning on, he was speaking in a way I found incredibly dull, almost disinterested. And you get the feeling of a sinking, contracting presidency. The one time he got sort of energetic is when he went into attack mode. I think his main argument – it’s rather odd.”

Krauthammer said that Obama doesn’t seem to be running as an incumbent president, but instead as the upstart “insurgent” candidate, in an attempt to depict the GOP as the party of “plutocrats.”

“It’s as if he hasn’t been president for the three years he’s been president,” he continued. “He passed a stimulus. He passed ObamaCare and did not succeed on cap and trade. He passed the financial reform, but all he is campaigning on and all of this is campaigning – this is not about a bill… it’s a way in which he can present himself as tribune of the people and the Republicans as a tribune of the plutocrats.”